You are already perfect and you can change.

I’m Kate Higgins, I’m a life coach, wife of almost 30 years, and mom of three. I was a “stay-at-home mom” for almost 20 years and, even though I had a busy and full life, I was always trying to find the thing that would make me feel more confident and less at the affect of others and what they thought of me. It wasn’t until I discovered coaching that I learned a better way. 

Working with a coach showed me how to become more of who I want to be. More compassionate, forgiving, patient, and less judgmental of myself and others. It also taught me that I didn’t need to be more of any of those things in order to be ‘good-enough’.

Self-confidence is a feeling that doesn’t come from anything outside of you. It doesn’t come from what anyone else thinks of you or whether or not people like you. It comes from how you think about yourself, how you talk to yourself, and how you answer your brain when it tells you that you’re not good enough.

As we cultivate self-awareness, which is one of the hallmarks of my coaching program, we come to understand why we do what we do so that we can finally break free of our habitual behavior. We’re able to release the judgments we have about those behaviors – the judgments which tend to keep us stuck – and move beyond conditioned responses. We get to choose, intentionally, how we want to show up in the world. We get to choose who we want to be.

I love working with individuals who want to improve their relationships, with others and with themselves, and who want to create a life they love.

Investing in yourself is not a selfish act. When you grow in awareness, evolve, change, and grow, it effects everyone around you. I believe that, one by one, that’s how we will change the world.

I believe in you and I know that you are amazing and so much more capable than you think you are. Click below to schedule a free consultation.


Kate Higgins coaches with extraordinary wisdom, grace and insight. She beautifully held space for me as she coached me through personal issues, business problems and deeply held negative beliefs. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to create a life with richer relationships, increased self confidence and fulfilled dreams.

Michelle Lehnardt

Kate has been my coach for a little over six months now and I am always blown away at what she has helped me uncover about myself, my problems, and how I can work through them. Kate’s coaching has helped me grow in my business, my relationships, and of course my personal well-being. I can say with 100% certainty that coaching with Kate has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a better, easier, and happier life. 

Christy Towns